Stephen Austin AKA Stevie Hyper D born in Fulham, South West London. September 1966.


Hyper D remains one of the most influential British artists of the last 20 plus years.


Over 20 years on from his passing, his inspiration lives on through The Legacy Project.


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The Man

Stephen Austin AKA Stevie Hyper D was a pivotal figure in the 90s, signed by Darcus Beese to Island Records in 1997; he sadly passed away on July 5th 1998 before there was time to realize his full potential Born on September 20th 1966 in Fulham, South West London to mixed parentage from the Caribbean and Spain. London was a melting pot in the 70s and 80s when Stevie was growing up as a young man. He brought together various forms of influence from music and his peers, to become a figurehead for UK music in the 90s.

The Legend

We are here to tell Stevie’s story through this amazing online portal and future content projects. We will break down the myths and solidify the Hyper D legacy, as one of the most influential British artists of the last 20 plus years. 

The Legacy Project

The Hyper D Legacy Project was set up in September 2017 to continue building the legacy of the late great Stevie Hyper D. The first step in the project was launching the official Hyper D merchandise, which was created under the moniker Original Junglist Solder.

The next step launching in July 2018 is the announcement of the official documentary film around the late great MC. The film entitled 'The Hidden Influence' will tell the story of how Stevie influenced a generation of British artists.

All profits from the sale of the T-shirts and official merchandise will go into the production of the film, with proceeds and profit raised off the back of the film going back into The Hyper D Legacy Project and back to the family.

The Hidden Influence

The official feature length documentary, coming in 2024.

"Selassie I know yeah...

We don't want these vibes to go yeah...No way!"

Credits & Thanks

Darrell Austin:

Massive thanks to everyone supporting and who has supported over the years. To Nicky [Blackmarket] for always being there. The whole of the Blackmarket family including Fatman D, Foxy, Ray Keith & Ashatak. To Funky, MC MC the original Jungle Mania and Moodance crew. To Sting at Telepathy. Thanks to Nick Temple for putting on the epic 5-year tribute dance at SE1. Huge thanks to Matthew Gale who produced and wrote Junglist Soldier: Life & Times. The Rinse FM radio documentary. That was the catalyst for creating this project and the renewed interest in the Hyper D Legacy. Massive shout out to Darcus Beese, original Fulham local boy who signed Steve back in the day. Amazing to see you rise to the heights you have risen to. Extra thanks to Kenny Redz, Uncle Dugs, Paddy, Gav & Ash from THTC, Bionic from London Posse, Dizzy from Rave Archive, Benny Vee and Triptonite from Dance Concept. Of course, no words but love for the whole of my Austin family and Jesse Holborn for the amazing photography and designs of Steve over the years.


Jamie BC:

I would personally like to give eternal gratitude to Darrell for letting me be so close to this story and giving me the opportunity to be part of the legacy. Stevie Hyper D remains to this day, the reason why I do what I do. One of the greatest MCs of all time, from any genre. I would also like to say thank you to Nicky Blackmarket for giving his blessing to the film, without Nicky & Hyper D back in the 90s we would not be sitting here. Huge shout to Gav & Ash from THTC for believing in the vision and supporting it with the Original Junglist Soldier clothing range. Finally, big thanks to Navigator, Skibadee, Fatman D, Foreign Beggars, Bionic from London Posse, David Boomah and T.R.A.C for taking part in the THTC photo shoot. Personal thanks to David Skilling on the PR, Lee Ellwood, Greg Whyte for the dope design, Tom, Roan, Jed & Ivory TV for breathing life into the film and all who have supported creatively since we embarked on this journey in 2012.



Darrell Austin: SHD Creative Director, Writer & Producer
Jamie BC: Director, Producer & Writer
Greg Whyte: Design & Brand
Tom Archer: Associate Producer, Editor & Creative