Into The Edit, and Beyond…

Tom ArcherNews

After years of planning, shooting, replanning, researching, shooting again, hosting events and tracking down archive footage and pictures, it’s time to edit the film.

To say this has been a labour of love from everyone involved is an understatement.

I came onto this project late in the process and instantly fell in love with the story. The work Darrell and Jamie had already done was incredible, but little did I know there was so much more to come.

After our first test screening, the film wasn’t quite where we wanted, It was a blow, and left the entire team a little deflated, but after a team chat over a couple of beers we came up with a solution.

The aim of this film has never been self promoting and rewriting history to put ourselves at the centre, but more to tell the story behind someone who can no longer tell it themselves.

So with that in mind, We completely reworked the film from the ground up. We’re  all super proud of how far we’ve come and how the film is looking, but realise none of this could have been done without the team, contributors, advisors and any number of the tens of people who have all help out along the way.

So, stay tuned for more details, as hopefully the next post I make will have a release date attached.


Team Hyper D 

Archive photography by Tristan O’Neil