My Favourite Memory [Part 1]

Jamie B.CNews

In this series, Team Hyper D, talk to contributors from the film and close family and friends about their favourite memories of Stevie. Kicking off with Stevie’s good friend and DJ partner, Nicky Blackmarket.

Jamie BC: Yes Nicky, how are you sir?

Nicky Blackmarket: Good thank you very much.

J: So let’s kick it off. What’s your favourite memory of you and Stevie?

Nicky: Liquid Adrenaline, Hatiras (big house music DJ / Producer) rave in Toronto. The energy was mental. That set was so iconic.

Toronto Drum and Bass
Nicky at Liquid Adrenaline, June 1998.

Also, Roast we were super excited as we hadn’t played with them. It was very much the Moose’s, Ron, SL and the old guard and we came in and smashed it.

Darrell Austin: Mad memories Nick. Tell us about your Kool debut with Steve as well?

Also, our Kool FM debut. We done the graveyard set at Orange at Hippodrome and then went straight to Kool to do our debut. We got there and this is now the afternoon [BC: Orange finished around midday for those that don’t know]

Got in there and Stevie’s about to spark a spliff. I said “what’s that smell?, what’s that smell? Stevie, hold on a minute, hold on!” Don’t know how, but some how the gas was escaping from the calliglass thing. Luckily I managed to stop him. We would have blown up the whole studio on our debut set (laughs).

That become iconic, us on Super Sunday’s.

Classic 1997 set on Super Sunday’s, courtesy of Rave Archive.

D & J: (Laughs)

D: Thanks Nick, epic memories.

Nicky: Yeah, no worries. Great memories.

Words by Jamie BC & Darrell Austin

“Stevie Hyper D: The Hidden Influence” feature documentary, proposed first public screening in final quarter of 2023. Hyper D 25 years, July 5th.