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Get to Know [Part 3]

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In part 3 of “Get to Know”, Director / Producer Jamie BC and Writer / Producer Darrell Austin, the filmmakers of “Stevie Hyper D: The Hidden Influence”, connect to discuss the making of the film and how they met the crew and contributors along the way.

In this edition, they speak to Tom Archer, who was crucial in getting the film moving. 

Darrell Austin: So yeah man, super mad how me and Tom connected. We should find out how Tom recalls it. 

Jamie BC: Yeah, it was kinda crazy. Let’s bring Tom in. Yes Tom, tell us how you and Darrell connected. You met at the Super Sharp (Saul from Chase & Status’ event) wrap up party right?

Saul at his and Tory Turk’s exhibition Super Sharp Reloaded, that Jamie produced & he subsequently Tom met at.
Photo by Delroy Matty

Tom Archer: It was a bit of a fateful meeting. After you telling me about him. I just started chatting to some dude at the bar and it was Darrell, proper mad. It was meant to be.

J: What role did you end up playing on the film production?

T: I got in pretty early doors on it. Starting as an editor, assembling a draft teaser and a taster / assembly cut of what the film would become. Going through several iterations of the assembly, developing the idea further and further. It started off as an editor and then moved into a production role, as Associate Producer helping you out on the general day to day production. 

J: Yeah man, we definitely needed the help at the time. Tell us what you did as Associate Producer. What were the highlights?

T: It has to be Connected Festival in 2019, which was on the site of the old World Dance at Lydd Airport. 

Salute to Skiddle, Laurie Charlesworth and Aaron Crascall on this video. Connected Festival 2019.

As you guys know, it was pretty insane. We got there and there were loads of technical problems. We were producing a live show, HYPER D: [RE]LIVE”, which was going to form part of the film. It never made it into the cut, but the experience of helping produce a live show was mad. We also interviewed some big names on the day, including Megaman (from So Solid Crew), Andy C, Heartless Crew and Evil B. All in all an amazing experience!

Evil B discussing how he first heard Stevie Hyper. An exclusive image from the film, “Stevie Hyper D: The Hidden Influence”.

D: Yeah it was a crazy day and night. The production teams really looked after us, we were there during the last part of the setup during the day and even had our own HQ on-site, courtesy of Skiddle, where we conducted the interviews and chilled with the artists. But it was a lot of work, think we worked from midday on Saturday to 6am on Sunday. On that note, what do you think has been the most challenging part of the process?

T: The most challenging part for me was finding balance. At the heart of the film, it is a family story, your family story Darrell. And we wanted to do justice to Stevie, to the Austin’s for everyone there. Telling the truth, whilst highlighting the struggles, around the family and Stevie’s journey, for sure was the hardest part. 

J: Yeah I’d agree with that. From a writing point of view Darrell, I think that’s where we ultimately found our chi (energy)? What was sick was when you became much more hands on in the process!

D: For real man, the true story is that there was so much going on for me personally, behind the scenes. Up until the Connected Festival shoot, we were making a very different film. That whole weekend unlocked the heart of the film and that’s when I had to start opening up on camera.

J: Tom, what was the most rewarding part of the process?

T: The first viewing was by far the most rewarding, the crew screening. When we sat down and watched the film on the big screen with everyone who worked on it was super nerve wracking, but the reception was really genuine and heartfelt. 

Crew Screening The Hidden Influence
Team Hyper D, after the first private crew screening. L-R Emmet, Tom, Darrell and Marc.

J: I agree man, it was a proper moment. 

D: I was really nervous about opening up on camera. But I feel by doing so and seeing the final results, I have really made Steve (Hyper D) and the family proud. 

Honourable big ups to Heartless, Andy C, Evil B, Megaman for the amazing interviews and of course to Connected Festival, Uncle Dugs and Jim for looking after us on the day.

Jamie BC, Tom & Darrell // Team Hyper D

“Stevie Hyper D: The Hidden Influence” feature documentary, proposed first public screening in final quarter of 2023. Hyper D 25 years, July 5th.