Inspirations [Part 2]

Jamie B.CNews

Inspirations [Part 2]: Wu Tang Clan “Of Mics & Men”.

“I’ve been a Wu Tang Clan fan for most of my life. I first heard “Da Mystery of Chessboxin” in 1995, on a cassette tape, in the school playground and it kick-started my interest in New York hip-hop culture. In 1997, only 2 years later I heard Stevie Hyper D and my interest moved into the UK side of things, but my passion and knowledge of hip-hop never went away and I have followed the group ever since. 

When in the edit, on our feature documentary on Stevie (“….The Hidden Influence”) in 2020, this series debuted on Sky documentaries and proved to be a massive influence on us, in the same way that the music influenced us back in the 90s. Sacha Jenkins’ directorial style mixed with the crazy personalities of the group and insane archive footage really opened up access to a story I was aware of, but hadn’t been visualised before.” 

Jamie BC // Team Hyper D

“…Of Mics & Men” Trailer

Wu Tang Clan – “Of Mics & Men” (Trailer)

“As Jamie was saying, when we came across the Wu documentary, I was blown away by the similarities between what we were doing creatively with the film and what Sacha was doing, to tell these stories. 

I was amazed to see that when the group were in Hawaii in 1997, they had jungle playing in the background. I always wondered how much London influenced New York back in the 90s, in the same way New York heavily influenced us”.

Darrell Austin // Team Hyper D

“Stevie Hyper D: The Hidden Influence” feature documentary, proposed first public screening in final quarter of 2023. Hyper D 25 years, July 5th.